Ask Questions!

I love questions! Questions make you think and get your synapses firing.Questions not only engage the mind; they also change our minds! How! By Bringing us to face to face with irrefutable truth.Asking a simple, yet profound question can deliver a powerful dose of truth to those-both inside and outside of Christianity -who might need to consider their choices in life in the light of eternity. Sometimes,a single question can snap you out of a life’s doldrums and get your mind moving in a whole new direction.

Questions also help us to arrive at truth. The best thing we can do in a situation is to ask a single,good question.We need to ask questions to find answers. God has given us the need to ask questions and find answers to the ultimate questions of life, which makes our journey on earth more exciting.

Proverbs 25:2 says “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing:but the honour of kings is to search out a matter”!

The glory of kings is to search out a matter, the royalty that exists in the life of the believer comes to the surface when we realize we have access to hidden things and we begin to pursue the unlocking of those mysteries.God is not pleased with the posture of maintaining ground!

God has given us access to secrets; for the realm of politics, business, creativity in arts, and every area of human life. These are realms opening up right now to people because they are realizing they get to search out what God has hidden for them. There are solutions and answers to every problem this World is facing.

We are people who are supposed to be giving answers for the cries and dilemmas of society. It’s the royalty in you that will cause you to rise up to say to the problem, “There is an answer for this” Now those who gain access to realms of revelations and anointing, through rising into their royal call and searching out the matters that have gripped their hearts, will experience a spike in human experience, just as the heroes of history did.

Many people are asking questions about many things and philosophy is not the place they want to turn for answers. The answers are in the word of God! In the Bible, we see a lot of questions being asked, but interestingly, when God asks a question, He already knows the answer.

Many lawyers do the same thing in a courtroom to catch someone in a contradiction. Matter of fact,some lawyers are taught to never ask a question in a courtroom unless they already know the answer! But we are not limited to the standards of an attorney, but we ask questions of others when we already know the answer, too.

We can ask questions to find more information. Once we have their answers, then we can decide to ask further questions or shift the conversation in a different direction.

Questions are also fun to solve because they make you think and ponder.So where would we find the best questions that have ever been asked? Would we find them in philosophy classes on college campuses? In courtrooms? On the nightly news? Or perhaps in the writings of Solomon, who was the wisest man who ever lived?

1Kings 4:30 says “And Solomon’s wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the children of the east country, and all the wisdom of Egypt”.Even though Solomon was wise, a quick study of how of his life shows he wasn’t perfect.

There has been one, and only one, sinless Person who has ever walked on planet Earth-Jesus Christ. The only Person we should go to for wisdom who has enlightened the minds of men throughout the ages.

And did you know that as Jesus lived His life, He asked many, many questions. In fact,He asked 135 recorded questions in the New Testament! I believe He asked more than that but that’s what’s recorded.

Why would Jesus Christ ask many questions when He is all knowing and already knows the answers? I believe the reason was, very simple, to make people think-and not only to think, but to draw out their convictions.

There are men in the Bible who asked questions because they desired distinctive answers to propel them to purpose. We learn from them that our places in the temple of the Lord go beyond simply needing answers to carnal issues but answers to experiences in the word that may seem “incomplete ” in our understanding.

Take the example of Peter.Peter knew that there were those that had been judged during the days of Noah and he wondered about their salvation. When he asked the Lord about it, he carried him into experience where he realized that Jesus had descended and preached to those spirits too. Scripture Reference ~1 Peter 3:19-20

How about Jude? Jude studied the account of the death of Moses and found that by the scriptures, his body had never been found and that no man knew where he had been buried. When he asked about that, God carried him into an experience where he saw Satan and the arch angel Micheal fighting over Mose’s body. Scripture Reference~ Jude 1:9

The Bible is more than a collection of stories.It is an eternal record of the lives of men from which we are continually learning~Romans 15:4.Part of that learning comes from God-led experiences of these accounts and not simply what we read in print.

When you learn to ask questions (as one who seeks to know more after the pattern of the Spirit of truth), the Word of God comes alive to you because God answers the questions that some prefer to only theorize about. Hallelujah!

Remember,until you ask a question, someone controls your information!

Thanks to love to read! Keep in touch for hot cakes!

Bwaagu Faison Joshua

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