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Welcome back to Birthday Month Connection! Throughout the year, we are sharing a monthly list about men and women of God born in the same month.Like today,those born in March are taking up the show. At the very beginning of a new month, we’ll publish a new post here.

Once you have finished reading the post, comment any man or woman of God you know born in that same month.

We are so blessed that every month we are celebrating greatness all over the world. Happy Birthday to everyone born in March. We thank God for your lives and we believe Him to bring you divine connections and relationships.

Connection is going to be a major focus of this blog over many years.We are going to make every effort to connect people based on the five biblical purposes of knowing God, relating to God, growing in God, serving God, and sharing God.

If it’s your first time to pop in here,your always and always welcome to a huge number of sites here, feel free to dive as far as you can. In this post series(BirthDay Month Connection) , we read and know about men and women of God; those gone before us and those present born in a particular month,like for today, we are connecting to some men and women of God Born in March.

We ought not to stand alone,we have to keep ourselves with ancient landmarks and people who know our calls and are filled with the strength of the word and spirit. Let’s learn from these men and women of God and build strength in our inner man.

On our BirthDay Month Connection list of this month , we have six ministers of the gospel with four ancient bones to chew and these include;

  1. Joel Scott Osteen
  2. Victoria Osteen
  3. Dr. Rolf K. McPherson
  4. Jack Coe
  5. Asa Alonso Allen
  6. John Graham Lake

1.Joel Scott Osteen

Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen was born on March 5, 1963.He is an American author, preacher, televangelist, as well as the senior pastor at the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.His unique journey is a testament to anyone who cannot see today how they are going to succeed, they just know that they are going to be a success.

The reason that the Lakewood Church continues to grow each year is due directly to the messages that Joel preaches each week. His unique stories and philosophy resonate with a new generation, and his personality is a breath of fresh air as new viewers welcome him into their homes each Sunday.Joel Osteen has earned the epithet as “The Smiling Preacher”

According to several sources, he has become the most watched inspirational figure in America, and in 2014, Sirius XM launched Joel Osteen Radio, (#128) a channel dedicated to the inspirational messages of Joel and Victoria. Additionally, over the past eight years, more than two million people have attended Joel and Victoria’s Night of Hope events across the U.S. and around the world.

Joel’s far-reaching impact can be found in the simplicity of his core message: Our God is a good God Who has good plans for those who choose to follow Jesus and are faithful and obedient to God’s Word.

2.Victoria Osteen

Victoria Osteen was born on March 28,1961.She was raised in a strong Christian foundation, full of hope and motivation. This was made possible by her inspirational parents.Her parents not only showed her the importance of education and being stable financially but also introduced her to a higher divinity-Christianity.In essence, she started practicing the art of living right from an early age.

By attending Church, Victoria formed a strong basis about her faith and belief, later building up her calling as a pastor. She has also managed to stand out among most pastors’ wife and show the world that women too can preach the good news.

Victoria’s skill and talent are not only limited to preaching and nurturing people. She propels positivity through word of mouth and writing. She has a couple of high ranking books such as Love your Life (2008).According to past testimonies, parents who have introduced their kids to some of her work have been able to create a more interactive atmosphere at home.

The Combination of superior writing and passion for her art works makes her one of the best living embodiments of purpose-filled lives.

These are just a few examples of the many good deeds she has done to the society at large. She fully supports her husband and motivates anyone she comes across. 

With the Joel Osteen ministry growing by the day, we hope to see the Lakewood church co-pastor expand her ventures and inspire more people. There is still much more to see from her

3.Dr. Rolf K. McPherson

Dr. Rolf Potter Kennedy McPherson was born March 23, 1913 and went to live with the Lord on May 21,2009.

When he was a child, he always travelled with his mother (Aimee Semple McPherson) during her evangelism.

Upon the death of his mother in 1944, Dr. McPherson became president of the four corporate entities she had established: Echo Park Evangelistic Association, The Church of the Foursquare Gospel, International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, and LIFE Bible College. In addition, he became the pastor of Angelus Temple. Even though he was very young, 31, he had prepared for several years to assume these responsibilities. It had been his mother’s wish that he would succeed her in leading the church, and she had spent the last decade of her life training him to assume that leadership role.

The strength and far-reaching influence of The Foursquare Church today are directly attributable to Dr. McPherson’s personal integrity and administrative giftedness. The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, born out of the evangelistic fervor of Aimee Semple McPherson, became firmly established under the leadership of her son, Rolf Kennedy McPherson. His lifetime of service became an inspiring and enduring legacy.

He will always be missed, but the legacy that he left will result in eternal blessedness for millions.

4.Jack Coe

Jack Coe

Jack Coe was born on March 11,1918 and went to live with the Lord on December 16,1956.When he got Born again. He was so sold out to God that he attended church services every night and stay there into the early morning hours.

As you see his photo, he was a very large man with a dynamic platform presence. He was considered a radical evangelist because he was doing much to combat racial prejudice in the church at a time when society was calling for segregation.He was the first evangelist to attract, and welcome, large numbers of the black community into his services.

He was well known for his direct preaching style unlike most ministers of his day,he used to get right to the point when ministering.He truly understood the needs of people, and there was no beating around the Bush when he spoke. On doing that,he would stir up people with his pointed and very direct way of adddressing everyday problems.

He was a man gifted with faith;Dr Oral Roberts once called him a man of great faith and Roberts Liardon calls him a man of reckless faith. His faith building sermons touched those who were desperate and at the end of his meetings,they walked out full of faith for tomorrow.

His heart burned to preach the Gospel;he had a volcanic personality, especially when it came to someone trying to dictate or control his call. He was a man of God who loved and enjoyed healing the sick and casting out demons. According to Kenneth E. Hagin, ‘Jack Coe had the strongest healing anointing of anyone in his lifetime.

5.Asa Alonso Allen

A. A Allen

Asa Alonzo Allen better known as A. A Allen was born on March 27,1911 and went to be with the Lord on June 11,1970.He was born for the entertainment world,he sometimes stood on the streets singing church hyms to the crowd which he had learned from his father.

He is considered to be the most important revivalist to emerge during the voice of healing revival because he said what he thought and he was never raised with tradition.He gave every area of his ministry utmost attention and determination. R.W Schambach described him as a man of prayer and that he never did one thing contrary to the word.

Allen’s mentors were Dwight L. Moody and Charles Finny. Even his first sermon he preached was based on the sermons of these men.

During his ministry, he taught principles of prosperity, healing, casting out demons and various other topics.Most everything he taught connected in some way with financial prosperity.

6.John Graham Lake

John Graham Lake was born on March 18,1870 and went to live with the Lord on September 16,1935.John G. Lake was known as God’s “Apostle to Africa”.

He was a man of purpose, vision, strength and character, his one goal in life was to bring the fullness of God to every person. He often said that the secret of heaven’s power was not in the doing, but in the being.

He believed that Spirit-filled Christians should enjoy the same type of ministry Jesus did while living on earth, and that this reality could only be accomplished by seeing themselves as God saw them. John G. Lake lived his life and fulfilled his ministry in the earth with this type of spiritual understanding.

His healing and preaching ministry spanned the years 1898 (when he saw his wife instantly healed under the ministry of John Alexander Dowie) until his death in 1935. In 1908, God sent him to Africa, where his anointed miracle ministry resulted in what has been described as “the most extensive and powerful missionary movement in all Africa.” As Gordon Lindsay wrote, “during that time he spent five history-making years in South Africa, engaged in a ministry which in some respects rivaled that of the Early Church.” Upon his return to America, Lake established a ministry in Spokane, Washington which resulted in no less than 100,000 astounding miracles of healing within the space of five or six years.

Thanks to love to read!

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