Dance Like David Party!

Should Christians Party?

We know many people and Christians that would consider it a heresy to ask that question. They quickly divide into two radically different categories.The former,think it is a sin to even consider having a party,and would quickly shame you for even asking the question instead of fasting for three days. The latter would argue that even discussing what God wants for our lives is a colossal waste of time that we could use for partying.Obviously I belong to neither of these groups. (I was never holy enough for the first, never cool enough for the second; maybe that is why i attended the Dance Like David Party(DldParty) which was scheduled on the second of November in 2019.

Many people on the outside have this idea that being a Christian is boring and no fun at all.  But,God designed us for the complete opposite.Being a Christian is a radical thing and it is an adventure for sure! God designed us in His image and He wants us to enjoy life and live it to the fullest! This includes anything media and music that can bring you closer to Him, other Christians,or to others that need to hear about Jesus! God wants us to have fun! He wants us to live a thriving life!

God gives musical talents to the saved as well as the unsaved,however as soon as they are in the hands of the saved,the Holy Spirit will prioritize that they are used for God’s glory and His kingdom. He anoints those yielded to Him to operate using their musical gift in such a way that impacts people’s lives.

People have accused others of a performance-based ministry,of being too expressive,but there is a fire in artistes and believers in their inner most being that they can’t contain because music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.It is to such reasons and opinions that DldParty was birthed not to be subject to such controversies and to be a testimony to those with such a conviction.

The Bible has plenty to say about partying.A true party leaves you feeling happy after and brings people together (community) and celebrates something truly awesome (commemoration), Jesus.

It is only when men begin to attend Christian congregations like DldParty that they begin to know Jesus and understand that Christianity is fun and embrace it.

Dance Like David Party was launched in 2013 December and depicts it’s origin from the book of (2 samuel 6.14 – 16); to get the whole picture you must read the whole chapter.

The essence of DldParty is to give the expression of man through Gospel music from Africa to the entire world. Every dance style at this party reveals something of ourself or some wonderful thing a human can be.

The vision of DldParty is to connect the heart of God and His People through dancing while playing gospel music alongside born again Djs.The party also has a variety of flavours like arm wrestling,board games i.e chess, draft,among others which also makes kids be part of it to enjoy the presence of God to the fullest.

You have seen many secular dance parties happen and probably even attended.All those parties are very spiritual and have a spirit operating in them… there is a dark side to all of them that you can’t know.
People will fail to give money into church offetory or tithe but go and pay a ticket for those parties.

“We must revive, reform and restore the arts and entertainment industry by the Spirit of God”,Mr.Mulangila Aaron, the event’s vision bearer says.

There’s a place for triumphant celebration and loud worship. God is not nervous, so we can make noise,shout and dance for Him. Indeed,He evidently enjoys it, for the Bible includes commands that we make a joyful noise before Him.

Dance Like David Party was a blast,massive,we had fun,right from the Djs and those who looked out through the windows of the skyscrappers enjoyed our presence ,testifies one of the Djs at the party!

“The Djs were passionate about what they were doing. They came to give their best”-Said Ben who enjoyed the party down to earth.

“We were all carried away with the music to dance our own style and do our own move in the Holy Ghost”-Laura said after the party.

“The message from the music gave an atmosphere for us to bond as a family which then brought passion to have fun,love ourselves,engage and enjoy ourselves in the presence of God”-Said Kemish who danced up and down from the time the party started.

It was enough for Sheila to say”God has looked down on us and said, my children love me” when we were going back home.

The list of DldParty testimonies is limitless,everyone shared but I can’t share it all, some people like Dina Waligo shared there smiles to say it all.Joy and happiness overwhelmed them not to speak to me. In fact, some people never wanted to stop the party, we had to play Gospel music on the way back home to keep them in the mood.

I will end with my testimony; Music and Dance simply the complicated things of the gospel.The Djs at DldParty played gospel music with a message,not just gospel music with beats and sound. We danced in holiness,in righteousness and in faith. We danced in present truth concerning the word of God; We danced in Christ and in the Holy Ghost.

Let me remind you before 2020 begins, i cannot afford to miss this Holy Spirit filled Party next year.Ounce you see the Hash tag #DldParty2020 trending on social media platforms,be the first book your ticket.

Thanks to love to read, Keep in touch for hot cakes!

Bwaagu Faison Joshua


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