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Welcome back to Birthday Month Connection! Throughout the year, we are sharing a monthly list about men and women of God born in the same month.Like today,those born in February are taking up the show. At the very beginning of a new month, we’ll publish a new post here.

Once you have finished reading the post, comment any man or woman of God you know born in that same month.

This post is not limited to only you reading it but it extends to your family relatives,friends and people in your area of influence born in February.Isn’t it motivational and inspirational to hear about someone who was born with you in the same month who has lived a purposed driven life? So,share it with your friend, sibling and whoever you know born in this month.

Of course the internet has facts about people born in each month, but they only remain facts if they are not transcended in the next generations and they can only be facts of truth if we walk in them as revealed by the word of God to the extent that we have ancient landmarks from them by the spirit of God.

I would like this post to give strength,and encouragement to all born in this month.The following men and women of God sit and sat in offices ordained by God for equipping of the saints for the work of ministry.

On our BirthDay Month Connection list of this month , we have six ministers of the gospel with one ancient born to chew and these include;

  1. Glory Copeland
  2. Roberts Liardon
  3. Jeremiah Omoto Fefeyin
  4. Steven Furtick
  5. Shepherd Bushiri
  6. Lester Frank Sumrall

God draws patterns for lives of men and woman to instruct and direct them. He creates a special design for each rational being who is destined to live on this planet. If the individual wisely follows this divine blueprint, he will build a strong, successful, and happy character. Take time to analyze the life of these men and women of God, and see that it was not achieved by accident or good fortune, but was a life in submission to the will of God.

1.Gloria Copeland

Gloria Copeland was born February 12, 1942.

A woman of virtue and a burning light in the night in her marriage.

Gloria Copeland is an internationally known Bible teacher and bestselling author. She holds an honorary doctorate from Oral Roberts University. Gloria and her husband, Kenneth, are the founders of Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Fort Worth, Texas (

Over 50 years later, Gloria uses platforms such as TV broadcasts, magazine articles, conferences, conventions, video and audio resources to preach the message of God.

In honor of her achievements and constant need to ‘give to others’ in the Christian community, Gloria was awarded the ‘Christian Woman of the Year’ award by the Christian Woman of the Year Association in 1994.

Some of Gloria’s best-known authored books are the likes of ‘From Faith to Faith:a Daily Guide to Victory’, ‘To Know Him:Beyond Religion’,Hidden Treasures:Abudant Living in the Riches of Proverbs. Enjoy her teachings via this link and

2.Roberts Liadorn

Roberts Liardon was born February 14, 1966.

Roberts was called into the ministry at a very young age.
Kathryn Kuhlman prophesied to him as a young boy that he was
called by God to serve in ministry to the Church. Subsequently,
he preached his first public sermon at the age of thirteen and
began lecturing in Christian colleges and universities about his
research on God’s Generals at age fifteen.

Through the years, he has received spiritual oversight and
personal mentorship from great men of God like Dr. Oral Roberts,
Dr. Lester Sumrall, Reverend Billy Joe Daugherty, Dr. R. T.
Kendall, and Colin Dye. For many years, he has also provided
spiritual oversight and accountability to others. His present
ministry, Embassy International Church in Orlando, Florida, is
an apostolic center to train the next generation and build the Church at large.

As an author, public speaker, spiritual leader, church
historian, and humanitarian, Dr. Roberts Liardon speaks to a
current generation of believers who want to draw closer to the
heart and mind of God and impact their communities and the
nations of the world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

3.Jeremiah Omoto Fefeyin

Jeremiah Omoto Fefeyin was born February 15, 1972.

He is the founder and head prophet of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. He founded the church on 3 April 2010. Fufeyin is known for his loud acts of charity-popularly known for giving money to his church members and focus on demons and deliverance.Enjoy his teachings via these links and

4.Steven Furtick

Steven Furtick was born February 19, 1980.At the age of 16, after reading the book Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala, he felt called to pastor a church in a major city.He also considers T.D. Jakes as his role model. 

He is a pastor-his sermons full of Christian words and imagery;practical messages that inspire you to take action, songwriter, and New York Timesbest-selling author. As founder and lead pastor, he has helped grow the Elevation Church into a global ministry through online streaming, television, and the music of Elevation Worship. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is the author of Crash the ChatterboxGreaterSun Stand Still(Un)Qualified, and Seven-Mile Miracle.

Get exclusive sermon content,teachings,and more of his via these links and

5.Shepherd Bushiri

Shepherd Bushiri was born February 20, 1983.He is a Christian preacher, motivational speaker, author and businessman from Malawi. He founded and leads a Christian prophetic ministry evangelical church known as the Enlightened Christian Gathering. 

Enjoy his teachings via these links and

6.Lester Frank Sumrall

Lester Frank Sumrall was born February 15, 1913 and went to be with the Lord on April 28, 1996.He began preaching at the age of 17 after a miraculous recovery from tuberculosis. At the age of 19, he founded a church in Green Forest, Arkansas.

He was an American pastor and evangelist. He founded the Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Association (LeSEA) and its humanitarian arm LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry, World Harvest Radio International, and World Harvest Bible College.

Sumrall wrote many works during his lifetime ranging from topics such as evangelism, miraculous healing, demons and exorcism, angels and more. Some of his works were of a more polemic nature warning about such things as the dangers and detrimental effects of such things as movies and Roman Catholicism. He also wrote at least one autobiography “Adventuring with Christ”.

Thanks to love to read.

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