Greetings From My Spiritual Father!

Apostle Grace Lubega

Do you have a Spiritual Father?

We know many people and Christians that would consider it a heresy to ask that question!

This is not legalism when done in accordance with the love and grace of God. It is simply God’s plan for maturing His people. (See 1 Cor. 3:1-4)

Simply because we have the nature of God does not mean we will automatically grow into wise, mature, faithful, victorious children of God. Our ‘new man’ must be trained.

That is why Jesus has given the five-fold ministry to the church. We have apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers “for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.” (Eph. 4:12)

Imagine what would happen to Timothy if he wasn’t close to Paul. Or think of what would have happened to Elisha had he avoided travelling with Elijah. If you are a good Bible reader, and I know you are, the list is endless,David and Jonathan, Esther and Mordecai, Joshua and Moses, Ruth and Naomi.Think about it, there is more! In life,a spiritual father is very vital.

There is no greater education we can receive than the lessons learned at the knee of another who has been there,done that, and can offer us the map to navigate the terrain that he himself has already maneuvered. A fortunate man is one who can learn from both the accomplishments and the mistakes of another and the benefit from the knowledge that only experience can bestow.

Let me take this opportunity to introduce my spiritual authority to you;Apostle Grace Lubega and let this post enlighten you on who a spiritual father or mother is because i haven’t gone all through that.

Apostle Grace Lubega;a man who has in many ways enriched my life.I deeply appreciate him from the bottom of my heart because he has often been and will be the catalyst for needed change in my life and the impetus for introspection, and without him, i would be hopelessly malnourished as a person and grossly undeveloped in my masculine soul.

Apostle Grace Lubega is a true embodiment of the fathering spirit yet seeks that Christ be exalted and not man.

He has begotten countless men and women in this gospel and laboured to reproduce his spirit in many.

He believes in people and in ministers and raises them up with the mind to make them greater and better.

His spiritual children have walked and continue to walk in his footsteps; to heal the sick; to give sight to the blind; to cause the lame to walk and to open deaf ears.

He has set a precedent on how many ought to define excellence and greatness and changed the aspirations of many from the predictabilities that the world dictated to the limitlessness that the word of God dictates. They rise to greatness because Christ is the giant on whose shoulders they stand.

Revivals,reformations and revolutions spin on the axis of men of faith;men of vision and men of the spirit like him.

Apostle Grace Lubega,the vision bearer of Phaneroo is one such a man of faith,of vision and manifestly annointed of the spirit of God.He crossed the threshold of all possibilities,saw the world and understood the mind of the spirit pertaining to what God can do in and by man.

He doesn’t simply preach,he ministers;he doesn’t only teach;he impacts the distinctive and manifold wisdoms of eternity in the spirits of men.Enjoy his powerful and insightful teachings here.

He saw the Church for what it ought to be;not the weak,manipulated and predictable entity that had seemingly lost its voice.His cry to God was that there was more;there was so much more!

If the scriptures said ‘as he is,so are we in this world’ [1 John 4:17],then the Church has to shine more and more in glory.If the scriptures say ‘we have an unction from on high and we know all things things’ [ 1 John 2:20],then the church is the epitome of wisdom from which the world draws insight and knowledge.

If the scriptures say ‘we are seated in Christ,far above all principalities and powers'[Ephesians 2:16,Eph 1:20-21],then the Church is victorious and triumphant in all.By the message if grace and truth,he paints this picture in the spirits of countless men and brings to light eternity’s purposes in the Christian’s walk with Christ. 

Beloved Saint,

I have come to the infallible understanding that DIVINE PURPOSE adds colour to the pattern of our lives.

You are not just another tiny momentary speck within an indifferent universe.Your name stands out in BOLD TRACES in the palm of God’s hand. Your life is mapped out for greatness and your destiny echoes with the sounds of victory!

DIVINE PURPOSE calls you; to believe more of God’s word, to yield to the Spirit of truth, to be defined by what God says about you and to live every day with the knowledge that your story is written by the TIMELESS PEN of the Holy Spirit.

Your story can never be erased by the storms of time or by the dark pages of history.

Eternity knows your address.Eternity knows your story.

You are blessed!

Yours in Service, Apostle Grace Lubega-Vision Bearer of Phaneroo Ministries International.

Thanks to love to read!

Keep in touch for Hot cakes!

Bwaagu Faison Joshua


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