My Africa, My History Contest

Are you a great storyteller,dramatist,virtual artist, model, pencil artist, singer, dancer, poet, etc?

Submit an application for the contest; ‘MyAfrica, My History’ and you become the lucky winner of (12,000) US Dollars for the first prize and (6,000) US Dollars for the second price and lots of other consolation prizes.


All applicants:

  1. Must be African
  2. Must be able to speak at least an African indigenous language
  3. Must be aged 16-35years as at the time of application
  4. Must be very creative. This is very important because at the audition and final stage of the
    the contest, presentations would be assessed based on teams’ ability to express African history via stage acting, dramatizing, poetry, artwork (painting), conference discussions among others.
  5. Must be a good team player
  6. Must be able to read, understand and unravel details in critical and creative writings
  7. Application opens on the 30th of May, 2020.

Get more details click here.

Thanks to love to read!

Keep in touch for Hot Cakes!

Bwaagu Faison Joshua


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