I have talked about women in ministry here before,they are quite many;Dina Waliggo,Joyce Meyer,Serita A Jakes,Victoria Osteen,Wendy Prince,Cindy Trimm,Lisa Bevere,Jamie Wommack, Holly Furtick,Taffi Dollar,Suzanie Hinn,Ruth Odida,the list is endless. And here we are with Patience Malupe.

That proves to you that there is a long list of Godly women on the face of this earth that are defying the forces of nature,reviving continents by the power of God and turning the world upside down. Every woman who understands her mandate on the Earth is capable of great accomplishments.

Women were also called for greatness just like men.It’s human wisdom,reason,logic and the opinions of men that have diluted and compromised the reality of the true Christian Life and subjected this understanding to the power of reason which is not something good because God is above reason and logic.

If you have that kind of thinking,how will even raise your daughter. From now onwards truthfully know that your daughter is deeper than getting married,and doing anything that you see any woman do in any society.

Both Bible and present history support women in ministry!

The women of God like Maria woodworth Etter-“Demonstrator of the Spirit”,Aimee Semple McPherson-“A woman of Destiny”,Kathryn Kuhlman-“The woman Who Believed in Miracles.

History has written their stories for this cause; that we do more because these women were only the example but never the standard.

Their stories and history can be found in a book called God’s Generals,by Roberts Liardon.

Patience Malupe has joined their faith and ranks through her Godly vision to awaken and inspire the hearts of men to truth concerning the word of God and the possibilities that are found in God with one simple message that “Jesus Still Lives and Saves”

With her show ‘Delight With Malupe‘, she will pour out passion from her heart to bring every person to the full understanding of truth in the revelation of Jesus Christ. It has become her inspiration in ministry to labor with a tireless intensity to present to everyone the revelation of Jesus Christ.

You will be ministered unto as she sings and worships God right to when she commutes and shares the mind God that Christ is our mesaage about everything from her personal life to the day’s news.

Let it not take you by surprise like a person who is poured ice cream on his or her head,she is launching her show today at 8:15pm(EAT).

Join us today via the Facebook Page Heaven Today as we delight with Malupe in the Presence Of God.

Thanks to love to read and keep in touch for hot cakes!

Bwaagu Faison Joshua


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