Proverbs 22:29

Do you see a man excels in his work? He will stand before Kings; He will not stand before unknown men.

As Ugandans, we are serious about our cakes.Whether they are chocolatey or fruity, simple or decadent,our country loves sugar in almost any form. In our country Kanyonyi Cakes stands the best iconic Cake Company. They are popular across all the land.The rest are all speechless. They are available but they don’t have a distinction. Don’t be offended,am speaking for my fellow Ugandans who appreciate great taste, great quality and great value for money.

If Kanyonyi Cakes were iPhone 12 phones and the next one to come,you have to be updated and actually buy one every month for yourself and anybody your celebrating. When the World pauses,they bake on.

Kanyonyi cakes have gone beyond what we can think and imagine and expect from them. You can’t predict them,you can only prohesy on them. They are extradionally. Last time i looked at their cakes and i desired to get born again again. The spirit has branded them to the entire world.

I have even made a pledge when am done on earth,you guys will celebrate me as you enjoy these cakes. You guys won’t eat posho and beans and anything you have surfered on funerals like before.Now that is a better way to look into my end times while am sitting in heaven looking at you enjoying Kanyonyi Cakes.I will even take one for Jesus.They are the best in Uganda, second to none,third to none..on and on.

But what has made them to stand out in any place because wisdom is essential in business dealing?

First of all,Joy has God,that is the foundation of her business and confidence. That should be the lens through which you should also view this world.

Joy and the company have taken the way of the wise,never to compare themselves with others. They live with the awareness that God has fashioned them for exceptional greatness. They believe they are unique, different,marked with distinction and crowned with favour.

They believe no one outside the kingdom is better than them. They live with this consciousness walking big and tall.

One more last thing is diligence. It plays a divine role if greatness is to be attained. Joy points out that “To be diligent is to be hard-working with the mindset of succeeding at what you do.” She goes on to say “The success of a business must bear the trademark of a true biblical integrity.”

I really bless the Lord for Joy,she lives a simplified life in the context of wisdom;She puts God first,works hard,spends wisely,she invests well and she is generous to those in need.

I believe one day Joy will give us a recipe live on IG, Facebook ,Twitter and Facebook.Am very anxious for that day.

Her best recipe is the Black Velvet!

Order your Original Kanyonyi Cake to experience a slice of love!
Email or What’sapp+256 701 152881 to place your order.

Thanks to love to read and keep in touch for hot cakes.

Bwaagu Faison Joshua


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