A Letter To My Followers

Hello Darling Followers,

How are you? I hope you are fine.I feel compelled to write this letter to everyone who currently follows me, and those who will in the future.And those of you who have recently begun to follow me. Your welcome and you will always be welcome.First of all, i want to thank all of you for subscribing to my site. Most of you joined me from the very beginning when i wrote my first post.I appreciate your support.

I have introduced myself to you in my first post. To add to that, i am a very friendly, nice, funny,social guy. I love talking to new people and it absolutely brightens my day.I have made a few friends here, that is Biggie,Anthony Mwesigwa ,Ruth Odida,Tracy Petronella, Dina Waligo and Pesh;my fellow bloggers from Uganda. Don’t you see, we live in such a small world. I strongly believe i will meet 99.99 percent of my followers here.

From the bottom of my heart, i love you guys, writing to you is the best way i can demonstrate my love to you.

I am very open about my faith here;my mind is scattered with a consuming passion to write about God.That’s why i created this site to inspire and empower people with words of encouragement.I will always love my posts to align you, to enlighten you, to edify you, to give you strength,hope and whatever positivity you may think of from the word of God.

As i strive to transparent in life everyday, i write about my life and God.The one person i write about is God, nothing else.It is God and it will always be God.I write to exalt Christ. I write to open spiritual eyes and ears. I write for whoever is gracious enough to read about and know God;whoever is hungry to feed on God.That yearning Godly soul.I write to grow and build up your faith; to add up to your faith.May be to challenge your faith.I write to have a part and lot in your life.

I write to awaken your inner world. I write to stir and aggitate up your spirit.I want to write something you have never read and heard about-that’s what I want. I write to challenge your comfort.I write to command you in God. I write to lead and point you to God. I write to nations and the nations to come. I write to every person of every race. I write to discomfort your mind, to change the way you think. I write to bless and to educate.

I write to correct, rebuke and instruct in righteousness ,that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

I write to connect to you.Since you are here, i believe in anyway or the other we connect.Connection is a major focus of this blog.We make every effort to connect people to God based on the five biblical purposes of knowing God, relating to God, growing in God, serving God, and sharing God.

Dear Follower, i will always write to you about God.

Yours Faithfully,

Bwaagu Faison Joshua


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