Psalms 107:9
For he satisfies the longing soul,and the hungry soul he fills with good things.

In our dispensation, God is pouring out knowledge like never before.This knowledge has provoked us to hunger.Hunger to the closet to pray, and to cause us seek God more than ever before.God has sent a famine in the earth for His word (Amos 8:11).As God increases knowledge, He desires that you be hungrier for more. However,there comes in wisdom as this knowledge is being sought.

The Bible speaks of Jeshurun who waxed fat and he kicked because he forgot the Lord his God that made him great and lightly esteemed the rock of his salvation (Deuteronomy 32:15).

While some people might wax fat on material wealth, it is possible to wax on knowledge and forget God because by its nature,sometimes knowledge can pufff a man (1Corinthians 8:1).

Hunger for the things of God is not a one time experience. No man ought to be hungry for God today and be too satisfied to seek for more of Him.

Hunger is also not the frantic short lived excitement when you listen to a sermon or read a particularly stirring message. It is a perpetual and continuous experience that increases in response to the revelation of God.

God wants you to desire for more, not to allow yourself to be full to receive because in the matters of access to the things of the spirit, no man can ever have enough of God.

When you truly hunger, you will always receive from the Lord. God says in Matthew 5:6 that those that hunger and thirst for righteousness shall be filled. Hunger for the things of God guarantees that you will receive them.

By prophesy, in the last days knowledge shall increase (Daniel 12:4).Child of God, understand our times as days of the increase of knowledge. This knowledge must provoke you to hunger. Let hunger drive you to the closet to pray, let hunger cause you to seek Him more than ever before.

In order to maintain a continuous hungry spirit Kenneth E. Hagin says in his book Growing Up Spiritually that,”We should always maintain that
teachable spirit. Yet sometimes when we grow older we sort of come to the place where we have a “know it-all” attitude; a “You-can’t-tell-me-anything” attitude.
Those people no one can help, including God Himself.

So let us not take it for granted.Let us keep this fire in our bones and spirits in order to carry out the ministry of the Kingdom of God!

Thanks to love to read!

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Bwaagu Faison Joshua


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