My Intro And About Names!

Praise God everyone!
A big thumps up to you who is reading my first blog post! I love you so much and i believe in you.

Ah! I know most of you have been waiting for my first blog post dangerously,which is something i have been planning and thinking about. Well,you know we know to much to deliver and share,more so when your from Africa!

I have alot to share and i have enjoyed some of the posts here,it seems you guys know everything,but i thank God for all of you,for investing your thoughtfulness,time and effort in us. God is truly your greatest reward.

Interestingly,when i figured out what to share, my inward witness told me to introduce myself. I was like…………………
“What a good idea”.From there on, joy filled my heart,and so here it is!

Introducingyourself is such a powerful tool that markets you to the entire World. It carries a meaning,a catalyst that goes before you to others.It’s not something that we practice but it’s something that we build basing on our past characters and the environment around us.

Personally,i love movies and what makes me watch movies are those trailers because they make me to anticipate and prepare for what i plan to see. Just like movie previews pique your interest and stir your zeal,a good introduction of someone can bring warmth and spark a relationship.There are people who start speaking and you can’t wait for the whole speech.Do you get what am talking about?

Some people introduce themselves boldly and confidently because they know who they are while others are shy and tiny in the face of others but to those that are shy,i have a solution for you; and one of the things i found out to be interesting is the meaning of your name, if you don’t know about it, please find out, it will give you confidence to believe in yourself.

Well, i know that most of us have gone to Google to find out meanings of names, may be your name, someone else’s name or any other name you would like to give a new baby born.

There is so much to my name than just a name say, just like yours.
Just like the name of Jesus Christ is above any other name on the face of the earth~Phillipians 2:9-10

Every name carries it’s own greatness in the inside of it according to its meaning.It’s embedded with riches for you to know and you know God hides things for us, it is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter~Proverbs 25:1

God is gloried by not speaking in plain language to you.He’s actually gloried by speaking in parables and symbols and dark sayings. And because the glory of Kings is to search out a out a matter, the royalty that exists in the life of the believer comes to the surface when we realize we have legal access to hidden things and we begin to pursue the unlocking of those mysteries:Those that sit back and say,”Well,whatever God wants me to have I’m happy to receive “,are living a pauper’s lifestyle in a kingly mansion.

Your parents or guardians didn’t just wake up and gave you a name for fancy.They gave it to you knowing something in the back of their minds that it is attached to purpose, assignment and responsibility.

In his book “God’s Generals”,Roberts Liardon says the parents (Mr. and Mrs. John Murray Dowie) of ‘John Alexander Dowie’-the healing Apostle named him what they hoped he would grow up to be. “John”,meaning “by the grace of God, ” and “Alexander,” “a helper of men.” That was the true testimony of the life of John Alexander Dowie.

If names weren’t important,then Jesus Christ wouldn’t be given a name by God~Matthew 1:21.He would just be called the son of God-Selah!

A name is beyond an identity to separate you from the crowd. It’s there to give you meaning in this world.
Me personally,i carry the true Character and meaning of my name-my friends like Dominic can testify about that.

In the Bible, a change of name indicates a change of status. For example,the patriarch Abram and his wife Sarai were renamed “Abraham and Sarah”~Genesis 17:4-15.
Abraham which means father of many nations and Sarah princess,the mother of many children.Their status of marriage was changed to greatness just through a change of their name, all they needed to do is to believe, thanks be to God,they believed.

Throught the Bible,Characters are given names at birth that reflect something of significance that describes the course of their lives.

Many times,the names of God’s servants were the exact experience that was to befall the people. So,God didn’t just name people.Abraham was called Abraham for a reason. You know Jacob,what did his name mean?Esau,what did his name mean?Study the scriptures, you will see something about these names.

Many times these names were symbolic of two fold ministration;execution and also the guaranteeing of what is being excuted;that you, that are meant to receive of that name, you have a sure place, of experiencing what is being executed.

Let me a give you a simple dose meaning of my name.
My name is Bwaagu Faison Joshua.Probably most of you know the name Joshua and it’s meaning unlike Bwaagu and Faison and more so, you have read about the ministry of Joshua in the Bible-i love it, it’s an interesting story.
So let me give you the meaning of my middle unique name ‘Faison’.I have a background of it,how my parents came up to give it to me but that will be for another Good day!

F is for Fabulous,yes the fabulous me
A is for Aware,of my surroundings.
I isfor Ideas, nothing higher
S is for Serious, not always joking.
O is for Openness, it’s refreshing.
N is for Nurturing,the care i provide to all.

Faison is also a term,to describe intelligent, well being groomed males. Faisons are typically well-read,athletic and God nurtured.
Of course there is more to that, but remember I said earlier, it will be a simple dose meaning!

My dear friend,am running short of time, but you have to know that your name has a certain attachment to your ministry or your calling.It speaks more in itself than people just calling it when they are talking to you. That’s why sometimes you call it,
Biggie Come on’. It has embedded riches, which are free for you to use.

My advice to you is to know the meaning of your name and reconcile it with mind of Christ from the word of God so that you know your purpose and course in life!
It will give you confidence and strength to move on in life.

Thanks to love to read!
Keep in touch for hot cakes!
Bwaagu Faison Joshua

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  1. Mbabazi Precious Charline says:

    I love this😍😍😍

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  2. Essy says:

    Wow so much more than writing. So much wisdom in your blogs. Wow…😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. faisonjo says:

    Thank so much Essy!
    Keep in touch!


  4. Vee says:

    Loved reading every bit of it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. faisonjo says:

      Thank you. Keep in touch


  5. Thea of Theos says:

    Hey Joshua!
    This is wonderful
    This is more than an introduction, this is the word, the word of God
    Thank you


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